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[ASAKUSA] Geisha Night Show *Guests Only / 宿泊者限定


  • Day : from PM 07:00 to PM 08:00
Sakura Hostel invites the performers of Japanese traditional dance on November 27th.
This might be an opportunity to see the "Geishatic" performance live!
Also you can enjoy other fun events at this show.
Don't miss this chance!

Date & Time : November 27th, 2015 (Fri) 7:00PM-8:00PM(Evening)
Place : Sakura Hostel Asakusa's lobby
Admission : For Sakura Hostel's staying guests - FREE!
                    For Sakura Hotels' staying guests & Sakura House's residents - 500YEN *with 1 free drink

Let's enjoy Friday night with Geisha <3

*This is the event only for Sakura House Residents / Sakura Hotel & Hostel Customers.

Attending this event

E-mail : [email protected]

TEL : 03-3847-8111

  • Day : from PM 07:00 to PM 10:00
  • Fee : JPY 1,500 (Tax included)

How about a refreshing jog around the majestic beauty of Tokyo Imperial Palace?
Meet us at SAKURA HOTEL JIMBOCHO, and from there, we will run together to the nearby Palace area.

■Date:November 27th(FRI) 

■Starting time:19:00 ~ 

■Place: Sakura Cafe Jimbocho 

■Participants: Runnners(All nationalities ) 
 ※only for 15 people 

■Fee:1,500 yen for New customers 
      1,200 yen for Frequent guests(300 yen OFF!) 

-Dishes from Around the World 
-Beer or Healthy Drink 
-Shower and towel 

If you would like to join this event please contact with
E-mail:[email protected]  or  Tel:03-3261-3939

Click the Link below to read more and to check out the poster for this event!

Attending this event

E-mail : [email protected]

TEL : 03-3261-3939



  • Day : from AM 09:20 to PM 05:00
  • Fee : JPY 5,000 (Tax included)
We are going to visit the SAKE Brewery in Tokyo on November 28th
In this tour, you'll see the real Sake Brewery and learn the story of Sake Making. 
Of course trying and tasting fresh Sake at the brewery! 
Let's get into the deep world of SAKE with us :) 

Date : November 28th, 2015 (Sat) 
Meeting Place & Time: Sakura Hostel Asakusa's lobby @ 9:20AM or Seibu Higashi-Murayama Station @ 11:30AM

Time : 9:30AM Departure, 5:00PM Back 
Guide Fee : JPY 5,000 (Transportation & Meals are NOT included.)

To entry the tour, please reply to this e-mail with the following information. 

1. Name 
2. Sakura Hotel & Hostel's name where you'll stay / are staying 
3. Check-in Date
4. Meeting Place choose from [ Sakura Hostel or Higashi-Murayama Sta. ]


Please watch this great promotion movie of the tour! --->
You can check the review of this tour in Trip Advisor.

★Only over-20-years-old people can join these events as people under the age of 20 are prohibited drinking alcohol by law in Japan.★ 

Attending this event

E-mail : [email protected]

TEL : 03-3847-8111

  • Fee : JPY 0 (Tax included)
Have you ever been to "Nakano Broadway"?
Godzilla dolls, Gundam toys, thousands of comics and 8 flavored ice creams, that's what awaits you at Nakano Broadway! 

Date: 29th Nov 2015, Sunday 
Meeting Time and Place : 11:45 AM( Sakura Hotel Hatagaya)
                         12:30 PM(Nakano station North exit) 

Breaking Up Time: 4:00 PM 

*We’ll start with a light lunch for a bakery and conveyor belt sushi 
 also for those interested, we can end the day with dinner. 
To Sign up 
Please reply to this e-mail with: 
1. Name(All the participants) 
2.check-in date 
3.Mail address and phone number 

*The event is only for Sakura Hotel guests & Sakura House residents. 

Please e-mail any questions you may have. 
[email protected] 

Let's have fun with us at Nakano Broadway on Nov 29th! 

Attending this event

E-mail : [email protected]

TEL : 0334695211

Koishikawa korakuen garden&Kagurazaka tour with TCGC


  • Day : from PM 12:30 to PM 03:00
  • Fee : JPY 300 (Tax included)
December 6th (Sun) 12:30-15:00

The contents of this tour 
・We are going to see the red and yellow leaves of autumn in Koishikawa Korakuen park. 
・We are going to watch the traditional performance art, "Edo takagura " which has been inherited from Edo time. 
・Move to Kakurazaka to visit Zenkokuji. We are going to stroll around the back streets where remain 
something of old days and enjoy its local food. 

Blog about this event↓

Meeting up place
choose one place out of the three places 

・Sakura hotel ASAKUSA at 11:45 
・Sakura hotel ikebukuro at 12:00 
・Koishikawa Korakuen entrance at 12:30 

Break up place
At Bishamonten Saien Temple in Kakurazaka at 15:00 

The full quota
30 people

The expenses
The admission fee ¥ 300 plus the transportation  


Tel 03-3971-2237

Thank you :) 

*This is the event only for Sakura House Residents / Sakura Hotel & Hostel Customers.

Attending this event

E-mail : [email protected]

TEL : 03-3971-2237

SAKURA Group Presents BOUNEN-KAI 2015 ~End of Year Party~ [サクラホテル&ホステル宿泊者限定 / Sakura Hotel & Hostel Staying Guests]


  • Day : from PM 06:30 to PM 09:00
  • Fee : JPY 1,000 (Tax included)
In Japan, people have a big party with friends & colleagues in the end of year.
We celebrate that we could finish this year peacefully and wish more happiness for next year.

SAKURA HOTEL & HOSTEL will hold this party called "BOUNEN-KAI" on December 18th.
All the customers of SAKURA HOUSE & HOTEL will be warmly welcome to the party.
Our staff are also going to join and will spend the fun time all together!

Date & Time: December 18th, 2015 (Fri) 6:30PM-9:00PM 
Fee: 1,000 YEN (Foods & 1 Free Drink are included)

*This event is only for SAKURA HOUSE & HOTEL's customers.

If you are interested in joining our party,
Please RSVP to [email protected] with the following information!

[1] Request for attending the "BOUNEN-KAI"
[2] Name
[3] Your telephone number if you have any.
[4] Blg. Name & Room number of your SAKURA HOUSE or your hotel if you're staying SAKURA HOTEL/HOSTEL
[5] Food Request if you have any (ex. muslim / vegetarian / allergy etc.)

Let's celebrate the end of 2015 with us!!

Attending this event

E-mail : [email protected]

TEL : 03-3847-8111

  • Day : from PM 01:00 to PM 04:00
  • Fee : JPY 1,000 (Tax included)
Do you know how Japanese people spend a New Years Day?
You can experience it through this activity.

"Let's Experience New Year's Day in JAPAN!"

Date & Time: January 1st, 2016 (Fri), 13:00PM-16:00PM
Admission: 1,000 YEN (Incl. New Year's Special Lunch and experience of Japanese Calligraphy)

★Plan of the Activity★
- Tasting a special New Year
s dish called Zoni(a soup with rice cake) & Osechi (Assortment of Seasonal Food)
- Playing the Japanese traditional games
- Writing your goal of 2016 in the style of Japanese Calligraphy
- Going visit the shrine to pray our health and peace in 2016

There will be no more chance to have such a nice experience!

To apply this event, please contact us by sending an e-mail to [[email protected]].
And please include the following information in the e-mail.

[1] Name
[2] Check-in Date
[3] Number of people
[4] Food request

*This event is only for guests who are staying at SAKURA HOSTEL ASAKUSA.
**The first 15 people who apply can join this event.

Attending this event

E-mail : [email protected]

TEL : 03-3847-8111