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[ASAKUSA] Local Walking Tour Guided by Hostel Staff *Non-regular event / 宿泊者限定


  • Day : from PM 01:00 to PM 04:00
  • Fee : JPY 500 (Tax included)
If you wanna know real local attractions, the best way is to ask local people.
We are going to hold "Local Walking Tour Guided by Hostel Staff".

One of our staff will take you to introduce real Asakusa according to the tour theme of the week.
Before the tour, you can also enjoy lunch of Japanese food at the hostel lobby with other participants.
It might be good chance to know the place where you will stay / are staying!

Next tour will be held on May 31st.
For the details, please ask us by email : [email protected]

Let's discover ASAKUSA area with us !

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E-mail : [email protected]

TEL : 03-3847-8111

[ASAKUSA] Sumo Stable Visit [Sakura Hotel & Hostel's staying guests Only *宿泊者限定]


  • Fee : JPY 2,200 (Tax included)
Do you wanna know how Sumo wrestlers train everyday?

You can visit a sumo academy and watch their morning practice!
This event is a self-guided tour. There is no English-speaking guide with you.

June 1 (wed), 2 (thu), 3 (fri) & 4 (sat)
June 6 (mon), 7 (tue), 8 (wed), 9 (thu), 10 (fri) & 11 (sat)

■Time:  8:00AM - 10:30AM

- Limited to 10 persons each day *first come first served 

●We require you to be quiet and watch seriously during the training because the Sumo wrestlers  and the master train very strictly and very hard in the early morning. 

●We are afraid that the kids aged 10 or younger cannot join this tour.

●While watching the training, please DO NOT sleep or show the bottom of your feet to the ring.  It’s considered rude and your behavior may affect for next event.

●Please be punctual. If you are late, you cannot visit the stable.

●No refund in all cases. 

*This tour is exclusively for Sakura Hotel & Hostel's staying guests.

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E-mail : [email protected]

TEL : 03-3847-8111

Samurai Sword Dance Workshop *宿泊者限定


  • Day : from PM 07:00 to PM 08:00
  • Fee : JPY 0 (Tax included)
We have invited a performer of kenshibu (performance of reciting a Japanese poem and dancing with a samurai sword)!
A free workshop and entertainment show for you to encounter the beauty of Japanese sword/fan dances.
Join us to meet the world of the samurai swords and deepen your understanding of the linked tradition. 

Performer:   ARAI Ryuou (the Third generation successor of Ginei Ginbu Kin-ou ryu school)

■Date:            June 8th (WED)
■Time:           19:00 to 20:00
■Place:           SAKURA HOSTEL ASAKUSA 1st floor 
■Admission:    Free 

No reservation required.
Try to arrive early to get a good seat!

*This activity is exclusively for Sakura Hotel/Hostel/House guests. このイベントはサクラホテル・ホステル・ハウスのご滞在者のみを対象としております。

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Discover KABUKI -KABUKI Performance. Experience the live performance of Kabuki- / 宿泊者限定


In this program,Kabuki,one of the Japanese traditional performing arts, is performed along with a commentary. 

PartⅠ: "How to Appreciate KABUKI "
PartⅡ: Experience the live performance of Kabuki
          "Shinsarayashiki Tsuki no Amagasa -Sakanaya Sogoro- "

*Audio guide rental service is included in the ticket price of this program. 
Available languages are Japanese, English, Korean, Chinese.

Place: National Theatre (Large Theatre)
Date: 17th/June(Fri)
Time: 19:00
Fee:Tickets 3.200 yen 
To reserve seat,Please pay 3,200 yen at any Sakura Hotel(Asakusa,Ikebukuro,Jimbocho or Hatagaya.)in advance. 

Meeting point: chose one below
Sakura hotel Ikebukuro  17:30 
Sakura hostel Asakusa   17:20
Sakura hotel Hatagaya   17:45
Sakura hotel Jimbocho   17:50
National Theater (Large Theater) Main gate 18:30 

In the e-mail, please include the following information. 
- Your Name 
- Building(Hotel) name and Room number(Check-in date) 
- Mobile phone number/E-mail address 
-Meeting up place

*The first 20 people who applied can join. 
*This event is exclusively for Sakura House residents or Sakura Hotel & Hostel's guests. 

More information click below

Don't miss this amazing  opportunity to experience KABUKI!!! 

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E-mail : [email protected]

TEL : 0332613939

[ASAKUSA] Japanese Calligraphy Workshop (宿泊者限定 Hotel/House guests only)


  • Fee : JPY 0 (Tax included)
Come experience 書道 (Shodo: calligraphy) ! The volunteer teachers will kindly teach you. You can learn your names in Kanji (Chinese/Japanese characters) with authentic ink and papers. Why don't you come try it!

[Date & Time] 18:00-19:00, the 3rd Sunday of every month

June 19th (sun) 18:00-19:00

[Admission] FREE ADMISSION!!!

* No appointment necessary. 
* Please come to SAKURA HOSTEL ASAKUSA by 6 PM.

Attending this event

E-mail : [email protected]

TEL : 03-3847-8111

[ASAKUSA] Sightseeing Tour in ASAKUSA conducted by PEACE(*宿泊者限定 Exclusively for Staying Guest in SAKURA HOTEL & HOSTEL)


  • Day : from AM 09:35 to PM 12:00
  • Fee : JPY 0 (Tax included)
PEACE volunteer members guide you around Asakusa on June 20th!

It is said that early in the 7th century, local fishing folk hauled up a statue of the Goddess of Mercy (Kannon), and this led to Sensoji’s founding.
Asakusa has long thrived as a temple town with Sensoji, at its heart. 
Nakamise, with almost 90 little shops on both sides of the street, is the ideal place to get Japanese souvenirs.
We will introduce some tourists spots that we recommend you.
If you are interested, please gather in the lobby of Sakura Hostel Asakusa.
The guides will pick you up there at 9:35 a.m.

June 20th, 2016 (Mon)

[Meeting Place & Time]
Sakura Hostel Asakusa lobby at 9:35AM

For more information, please send an inquiry to Sakura Hostel Asakusa!

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E-mail : [email protected]

TEL : 03-3847-8111

[ASAKUSA] Free Walking Tour in UENO Park by PEACE(*宿泊者限定 Exclusively for Staying Guest in SAKURA HOTEL & HOSTEL)


  • Day : from AM 09:20 to PM 12:00
  • Fee : JPY 0 (Tax included)
The volunteer members from PEACE (People's Educational And Cultural Exchange) take you around Ueno Park.
Ueno Park is famous as one of the must-visit spots in Tokyo. 
The area is a beautiful and restful place to take a stroll around a pond, visit temples, shrines and museums and see statues.
The English-speaking and knowledgeable guides will tell you the interesting history and information about each places.
Let's have a fun Saturday morning with us!

June 25th, 2016 (Sat)

[Meeting Point]

[Meeting Time]

[Duration of Tour]
9:20-12:00 (Morning)


To apply the event, please send us an e-mail to [email protected] with the following info.

1. Name
2. Sakura House Blg Name / Sakura Hotel & Hostel's Name & Check-in Date
3. Phone Number (If you have any in Japan)

For more information about PEACE, please click here!

Attending this event

E-mail : [email protected]

TEL : 03-3847-8111

  • Day : from AM 09:20 to PM 01:00
  • Fee : JPY 500 (Tax included)
We are going to collaborate again with Tokyo City Guide Club on July 16th!

In this event, experts of kimono dressing from the club will dress you in Japanese beautiful yukata (Summer kimono).
For all those who is visiting Japan in Summer, to dress yukata must be one of their dreams to come true in Japan.

And after dressing yukata, we are going to have a lunch of Temaki Sushi at Sakura Hostel.
You can make your own hand-rolled sushi :) 

So the event should be very fun :) Join us!!!

July 16 (Sat), 2016

-Meeting Time & Place-
9:30AM @ Sakura Hostel Asakusa [map]

500 YEN (Lunch Included)

-What to bring-
T-shirts (bright color, a white one would be perfect!)
Beach sandals.

To sign up for the event, send us an e-mail to [email protected] with the following info.

1. Name
2. Sakura House Name / Sakura Hotel & Hostel's Name & Check-in Date
4. Phone Number (If you have any in Japan)
5. Food Request (ex. I'm muslim / vegetarian / allergic to XXX.)

* This event is ONLY for SAKURA HOUSE Residents or SAKURA HOTEL & HOSTEL's Guests.
* このイベントはサクラハウス居住者およびサクラホテル&ホステル宿泊者のみを対象としております。一般参加不可。 

Attending this event

E-mail : [email protected]

TEL : 03-3847-8111