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浅草 Sumo watching tour 2019.05.15 and 05.24


  • Fee : JPY 4,000 (Tax included)
We'll hold the Sumo Tour in May. 
To all the staff of Sakura House and Sakura Hotel & Hostel, please kindly read the following information very well.

Fee: JPY 4,000 / person (Snacks, Drink, SUMO lecture and Ticket Included) 
Date & Time: May 15th(Wed) & 24th(Fri) 12:10PM~6:00PM 
Meeting Point: Sakura Hostel Asakusa's lobby


12:10PM Meeting at Sakura Hostel Asakusa
- Short lecture about SUMO by Asakusa Staff (30min)
- Small snacks & drinks will be provided.
1:00PM Leaving for Ryogoku Kokugikan arena (The transportation fare is required extra.)
2:00PM Arriving at Ryogoku Kokugikan arena and Starting Watching Matches
6:00PM Matches Finish and Breakup at the arena

* Lunch is NOT included. It is possible to buy something in/near the arena after arrival.

* It isn't possible to join only watching Sumo Match. 
Even if the participants want to watch only the match, we'll require them to pay JPY 4,000.
And basically the meeting place is only at Sakura Hostel Asakusa.

*The first 20 people who apply can join this event.
*This tour is exclusively for SAKURA HOTEL & HOSTEL's customers.


If you would like to join the tour, please RSVP to with the following information.

1. Name
2. Check-in Date
3. Number of people (*This event is exclusively for Sakura House & Hotel's customers.)

Sakura Hostel Asakusa

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The Imperial Palace Walking Tour with Tokyo City Guide Club


We are happy to invite you to our walking tour 
planned on one of the dates you will be at Sakura House/Hotel/Hostel. 

[[[ The Imperial Palace Walking Tour 
with Tokyo City Guide Club ]]] 

The Imperial Palace has one of the most beautiful Japanese gardens 
in Tokyo. Experienced tour guides will show you all the details 
of Imperial palace history together! 
Enjoy the refreshing air of spring in Japan with a walk 
through the East Gardens of the Imperial Palace. 

■Date: April 25th (THU)
■Time&Place: Meet up at 9AM @Sakura Hotel&Café Jimbocho 
※Please pay the participation fee when you resister this tour.
  W can also ask the payment on the day at the reception at Sakura Hotel jimbocho if you want!!!

■9AM: Meet up and have a breakfast together at Sakura Café Jimbocho. 
*Breakfast is a buffet style such as toasts/soup/coffee, tea/ juice/scrambled eggs. 
■10AM: Head to the tour on foot. 
*You can skip the breakfast and come at 10AM but the participation fee is the same. 
■Around 12PM: Finish the tour and break up there 

Please send an e-mail to with the following details to sign up. 
【Necessary Information to Register 】 
1.Names (All the participants) 
2.Sakura House Name & Room# / Sakura Hotel & Hostel's Name & Check-in Date 
3.Telephone Number (if any in Japan) 
4. Nationality/Gender 
(*This event is exclusively for Sakura House & Hotel's customers.) 

Book now to join this fun event!!! 

Attending this event

E-mail :

TEL : 0332613939

[ASAKUSA] Sumo Stable Visit [Sakura Hotel & Hostel's staying guests Only *宿泊者限定]


  • Fee : JPY 2,200 (Tax included)
Do you wanna know how Sumo wrestlers train everyday?

You can visit a sumo academy and watch their morning practice!
This event is a self-guided tour. There is no English-speaking guide with you.

May 1 (wed), 2 (thu), 9 (thu) & 11 (sat)

■Time:  8:00AM - 10:30AM

- Limited to 10 persons each day *first come first served 

●We require you to be quiet and watch seriously during the training because the Sumo wrestlers  and the master train very strictly and very hard in the early morning. 

●We are afraid that the kids aged 10 or younger cannot join this tour.

●While watching the training, please DO NOT sleep or show the bottom of your feet to the ring.  It’s considered rude and your behavior may affect for next event.

●Please be punctual. If you are late, you cannot visit the stable.

●No refund in all cases. 

*This tour is exclusively for Sakura Hotel & Hostel's staying guests.

Attending this event

E-mail :

TEL : 03-3847-8111

【日暮里】 5/8 日本茶着物体験イベント


  • Day : from PM 05:00 to PM 06:00
  • Fee : JPY 1,000 (Tax included)
Casual Japanese Tea Party!

Date and time : 2nd May, 17:00~18:00
Place : Sakura Hotel Nippori
Fee : 1,000 yen
          Kimono or Yukata will be provided for free rental ( purchasable as a souvenir)

In this casual tea party, Sakura Hotel Nippori become a host offering  several types of Japanese tea, sweets, comprehensive tips for tea culture, besides the venue is tatami mat room. Despite an hour for the duration, you could take as much information and tea samples as though you live in Japan for ages for sure.

[Apply here]
Email us with your
1. Full name (All participants')
2. The hotel or Hostel name you stay in
3. Email address

The detail and further information will be provided anytime you need.
Let's make a memorable time, we are excited about being able to share it with you!!

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【日暮里】 5/12 TCGC巣鴨・王子ツアー


  • Day : from AM 11:00 to PM 01:30
You're invited to our
Sugamo・Ouji Tour

On May 12th , we'll be holding “Sakura Tour”for the first time event in 2019. 
Shopping and eating while walking and wondering around the Japanese downtown district.
TCGC guides will assist you to know about major spots in Tokyo Sugamo and Ouji.


●Date   : May 12th 2019 (Fri)
●Place  :Sakura Hotel Nippori, Sakura Hotel Ikebukuro
●Time   :11:00  Ends  :around 13:30
●Fee : 1,000Yen 
 *Transportation fee is not included.(170yen)
●How to sign up: Come to the reception at any Sakura Hotel or Email us.

Attending this event

E-mail :

TEL : 0356851200


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