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Mikoshi Festival


  • Day : from AM 09:00 to PM 07:00
  • Fee : JPY 0 (Tax included)
On 23rd September, we have a local matsuri (festival) in Hatagaya!

We're going to carry a portable shrine called mikoshi with the locals and go to the night market afterwards.

**Check the details and sign up now! (Up to 20 people) **

Date: Monday, 23rd September
Location:Sakura Hotel Hatagaya

(We will take you to the festival!)
Fee : FREE

Please select the numbers of the events you want to participate in...
1)Mikoshi Carriage  09:00 -
2)Mikoshi Carriage  12:00 -
3)Night market      18:00 -

Free refreshments and rental mikoshi costumes available!

*Please wear/ bring a T-shirt and sneakers.
 Also wear/ bring shorts or jeans.
 Sandals/ high-heels are not suitable.
**NOTE: Reservation is necessary!**
Please make a reservation by e-mail or reception at any Sakura house, hotel or hostel.

1. Name
2. Number of person
3. Building name in your house or check-in date at your hotel or hostel
4. Carrying time

Attending this event

E-mail :

TEL : 0334695211

Night Run@The Imperial Palace


Let's run together with a beautiful night view around the Imperial Place, 
and meet new people and have a great time!! 

*This is an event connecting all guests and Japanese Joggers together by jogging around the Imperial Palace. Also you will be able to explore this wonderful historical place during the jog! And having meal after the run to get to know each other! Join us and make friends with local ppl here!

■Date: Sept. 26th(Thu)
■Starting time:  7:15PM ~ 
  (Finish the event around 10PM)

■Place: Sakura Cafe Jimbocho
※reservation is required 
■Fee:1,000 yen for residents of Sakura Hotel &House residence!!
 the fee includes
-a meal and 1 drink
-Shower (a bath towel and a hair dryer included)

It is also great chance to meet local people!
We're waiting for your entry!!!

Attending this event

E-mail :

TEL : 0332613939


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