Hinamatsuri Sushi Roll Meet-up in Hatagaya

Let's celebrate the Japanese Doll Festival, also known as Girls' Day!

The custom is to display "Hina dolls" on platforms on different levels covered by a red carpet. These dolls represent the various levels of a the Japanese royal court during the Heian period, starting with the Emperor and Empress and ending with three servants on the fifth level.

We will make sushi rolls in a special sushi art fashion where cute Hina dolls will appear when cutting the sushi roll.

Event Date & Time

March 2 (Sat), 2:00 PM - 4:45 PM



Fee: 1500 yen

(fee includes makizushi, snacks, and one drink)

Appointment required before February 23. To make a reservation,
please contact SAKURA HOTEL HATAGAYA via e-mail (below).

E-mail: info@sakura-hotel-hatagaya.com
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