SAKURA HOTEL & SAKURA HOUSE: Our staff introduction

~ We will support English ~

  • Oanh
  • Hi everyone! My name is Oanh, I'm currently working at SAKURA HOTEL. If you have any questions about SAKURA HOTEL and SAKURA HOUSE, feel free to ask me anytime.
  • Language
  • Vietnamese / Japanese / English

  • Hanif
  • Hi, my name is Hanif, from Dungun, Terengganu. Initially, I came to Japan as a student. After graduation I found the opportunity to work at SAKURA HOTEL and now I work at SAKURA HOTEL Jimbocho. I will help you in Malay as well as English. And for Muslims, I can also assist you in finding information on halal shops and places of prayer.
  • Language
  • Malay / Japanese / English

  • Lim Siong
  • I am Lim Siong from Singapore. By learning Judo, I have developed a strong interest in Japanese culture and language. I fell in love with Japan when I first visited Japan 10 years ago. My favorite sentence is [Ichigo Ichie (Once-in-a-lifetime experience)]. Before working at SAKURA HOTEL, I worked as a tour guide and itinerary planning. If you have any questions about the itinerary, please feel free to ask at the front desk. I look forward to meeting you in Tokyo.
  • Language
  • Chinese / Japanese / English / Cantonese

  • Mo Yueyue
  • I am Mo Yueyue from Shanghai, China. Out of my love for Japanese pop culture, I started a trip to Japan. I chose SAKURA HOTEL for my solo trip in 2018. The joyful and international atmosphere here attracted me and I became a member of the team here. I hope to provide quality services to visitors from all over the world. At the same time, it can also become a bridge between Japan and other countries. If you need Chinese assistance, please contact me!
  • Language
  • Chinese / Japanese / English

We are very international and multicultural.

There are also staff members who can speak in English, Vietnamese, Thai, Indonesian, Malay, Burmese, German, French, Spanish, Korean, Chinese and Japanese.


At SAKURA HOSTEL and HOTELs in Tokyo, we have countless numbers of guests from all over the world staying with us!
International staff on duty 24 hours a day, we will be able to respond to inquiries and answer immediately.
There is also Sakura Café located on the 1st floor of each SAKURA HOTEL and SAKURA HOSTEL.

Free Wi-Fi, Air conditioner, Amenities, desk and chair in the room
Shared kitchen where you can cook your own food, large lounge where everyone can eat together, and Laundromat is available.

5 convenient locations in Tokyo

  • SAKURA HOTEL Nippori
    34 Western-style rooms and 60 Japanese-Tatami rooms / Group reservation: Up to 200 persons

  • SAKURA HOTEL Ikebukuro
    103 rooms / Group reservation: Up to 150 persons

  • SAKURA HOTEL Hatagaya
    77 rooms / Group reservation: Up to 100 persons

  • SAKURA HOTEL Jimbocho
    43 rooms / Group reservation: Up to 50 persons

    29 rooms / Group reservation: Up to 100 persons

Not only safe and comfortable accommodation, it is a place where guests and staff from more than 150 countries around the world can meet and understand each other, and make friendship through spending time together and joining our original events and workshops!

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Since 1992, SAKURA HOUSE CO., LTD. has been the pioneer in managing monthly guest houses, share houses and apartments exclusively for the foreign community in Tokyo and Kyoto, Japan.

Budget rooms for vacation, travel, study & working holiday stays.
- Clean guest houses (dormitories), apartments, share houses
- All rooms furnished with air conditioners and Free Wi-Fi
- No key money, agent fees or guarantors needed; utilities included
- Water, Gas, Electricity utilities included
- Friendly international atmosphere with residents from over 100 nations around the world
- Couples, families, groups, children & senior citizens welcome
- Interns & solo travelers welcome
- Personalized support & service
- Cultural events held regularly

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