TOKYO MX TV's Check Time

Culture japan 「Popular Accomodation Among Foreign Tourists in Tokyo!」

SAKURA HOSTEL Asakusa has been chosen as the number 1 most popular place among foreign tourists in Tokyo!

A Top 5 ranking list over the most popular hotels in Tokyo among foreign tourists was broadcasted on TOKYO MX TV's Check Time by the Japanese pop culture covering site culture:japan's English producer on June 19, 2012.

We are therefore very proud to present that SAKURA HOSTEL Asakusa was selected for the number 1 position of the list over all the other popular hotels.

Danny Choo

Danny Choo

Danny Choo resides in Tokyo and runs a small media production company called Mirai Inc who's main focus is to share Japanese culture with the world though web, TV, mobile, print, products and conferences. Danny works with Japanese companies such as figurine manufacturers, anime/game producers, print publishers, e-commerce retailers and the Japanese government to bridge the gap between Japan and the world by aggregating/disseminating information and providing the technical and conventional means to do so through the "Culture Japan" brand.

Danny is the Director and Presenter on a TV show called Culture Japan which is broadcast weekly on Tokyo MX TV in Japan, across the whole of Asia on the Animax Network and across America on Mnet America. Danny also presents on a morning TV show in Japan called Check Time.

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The TV show's ranking can be seen below.

  • Number 1: SAKURA HOSTEL Asakusa
  • Number 2: Prince Hotel Shinagawa
  • Number 3: Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo
  • Number 4: Hotel Sunroute Plaza Shinjuku
  • Number 5: Juyoh Hotel

It has been uploaded to YouTube so go ahead and take a look!

2:16 - Comments from the hostel guests
3:00 - Presentation of the twin room and dormitory
4:00 - Interview with the hotel manager, Tomoko Kamata

For an English translation of the video, you can find a transcript of the video below.

Interview with some of the guests staying at SAKURA HOSTEL

- Let's reveal the secret behind this hostel's popularity! When you first enter you have this open space. This is the space where all the hostel guests sit down and socialize with each other.
There are plenty of international characters. At this specific day, an American group of university students from Alabama are staying here.

Q : What is your impression of the hotel?

Male Guest 1 I actually enjoy it a lot.
It's very convenient. It's like 5 minutes from the station and there's a general store right over there, so it's really convenient and it's nice to meet a lot of other international students and people from all over the world.
Female Guest 2 It's really nice!
I like it here a lot and our view of the Sky Tree at night is just beautiful!
Female Guest 3 The hostel is really convenient and you've got everything you need right here and there are a lot of other foreigners to talk to and everyone's really sociable and the staff...
their English is really good too, so it's really easy.
Female Guest 4 It is very pleasant, and all of the hostel staff are really nice.

Presentation of the Rooms

Presentation of the Twin Room



This is the twin room. This is a simple room with 2 single beds. What we are quite proud over is this view from the window. You can view Sky Tree from here. There's also an amusement park just outside.

Presentation of the Dormitory

サクラホステル浅草 8ベッドルーム


This is a room containing 4 bunk beds where 8 people can stay. There are blankets and pillows here, and at the check-in guests will get bed sheets, which they carry here to then prepare their own beds with.

It has been made simple with only the most essential minimum in order to stay. It appears that this is the secret behind this place's success.

Interview with Manager of SAKURA HOSTEL Asakusa



Q. What is the reason to this hostel's popularity among foreigners?

A. All of our staff members are at least bilingual and all of them are able to use English. Everybody also have experience from being abroad.

When I traveled abroad, I experienced many troublesome situations. Our staff members, who are working in shifts 24/7, remembers those situations and how to help and treat guests nicely, in order to remove those troubles we can create a very pleasant stay for our guests. So, I think our staff members are a major reason to its popularity.



Q. Why is it so cheap?

A. If you are only looking for cheap lodging I think there are capsule hotels, Internet cafes, and other cheaper places.

However, we are not only selling cheap, not only a place to sleep, but we are also giving memories for people to bring back home after they've left. We really want to create that kind of hotel with a very pleasant atmosphere.

Looking at our guests staying here, it seems to go very well. For example, there is a couple of old age, and they may have plenty of money, but they specifically choose to stay here.

"Why?", I asked them.

"We like this place. We've stayed at ordinary hotels. You check in, check out and then its finished, right. If you stay at this kind of place, there are possibilities of meeting and talking to all kinds of people, so you can get a completely different experience. That's why I like it.", they said.

There are many people who say similar things.