FAQ : Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to the most commonly asked questions about the SAKURA HOTEL.
If you do not find the answers you're looking for, please contact us for further assistance.

About Tokyo's Environment

What's the climate like in Tokyo?
What about the temperature?  What clothes do people wear?
What language do people use day-to-day in Tokyo?
Will my electronic devices work in Japan?
What are business hours for most banks in Tokyo?
What happens if I need to make an emergency phone call?
What about hours for restaurants and bars?  And do I leave a tip?

About reservation

Can we check in before the check-in time?
I don't come from a VISA-waiving country. Can I get a confirmation from you to apply for a VISA?
Is late check-out possible?
How long are bookings accepted in advance?
Are there non-smoking rooms available?
We will visit Tokyo as a group. How can we make a reservation?
There are 2 of us. Can we stay in a Single room?

About charge

What is your Child Policy?
How should I pay?
Do I need to pay any deposit to make a reservation?
There was a small charge of undetermined origin when I booked a room with a credit card. What is it?
What is your Cancellation Policy?

About our Facilities

Do you have a safety box inside the room?
Do you have private bathrooms?
Do you have laundry facilities?
Do you have Internet access?
Can I use a telephone at your hotel?
Do you provide foods and drinks?
Do you provide linen and towels?
Is breakfast included in the room rate?

About our service

Do you have curfews?
Can I ask you for some advice about my travel plans?
Do you have airport pick-up service?
By what time should I check in?
Can I leave my luggage after the check-out time? Also, if I go to another city for a few days, can I leave my luggage while I am away?
Can I send my luggage or mail to your hotel before I check in?


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