Welcome to "Kitchen Yomoda" in SAKURA Hostel Asakusa.


Sushi making event with a group of French students

What is 【Kitchen Yomoda】?



SAKURA Hostel Asakusa, where travelers from more than 100 countries gather, not only stays at the same hostel, but also runs Kitchen Yomoda with the hope that strangers can sit around a table and eat together and become lifelong friends.
How about cooking with other guests using the kitchen WEST and EAST while having fun? This is an opportunity for everyone to know that home cooking in your country is wonderful.
Why don't you make memories of a one-term meeting at Kitchen Yomoda?


Cooking party


Sushi-making event for a group of French students


Cooks from all over the world! We are looking for One Day cooks!
A place where you can meet dishes from 100 countries around the world that you can't usually eat at restaurants!
Make your own home and local cuisine in Kitchen Yomoda, share it with everyone, get to know the country, get to know people, and make new friends around the world!
Please take this opportunity to participate in this event as it will deepen your friendship through the cuisine of each country.
I'll be waiting for you.


●Participants:·Today's Chef SAKURA Hotel Guest
●Place: Sakura Hostel Asakusa
● Seasoning: Salt and pepper, salad oil, and olive oil will be provided.
※Our staff will accompany you in the purchase of materials.

Guests from the Netherlands who are cooking vegan local cuisine.


See here for more information on participation inquiries and events.
mail: info@sakura-hostel.co.jp