Sakura Cafe & Restaurants

About Sakura Cafe

Sakura cafe & restaurant is found at Sakura Hotels throughout Tokyo, open 24 hours. Featuring international cuisines and varieties of beer from overseas, Enjoy our unique global atmosphere. It is a good hagingout place to relax, eat and drink with your friends and have fun.
Open 24hours, Free Wi-Fi, breakfast at4:30 in the morning.

Sakura Cafe & Restaurant IKEBUKURO

Unique bistro cafe with a global atmosphere, more than 60 beer from overseas.

Sakura Cafe HATAGAYA

A quiet, hidden, residential-area cafe found two stops from Shinjuku Station. Delicious cuisine from all over the world, Muslim Friendly menu is also available.

Sakura Cafe JIMBOCHO

An oasis in the middle of downtown, Surrounded by publishing companies and second hand book stores, this small cafe is located close to the Imperial Palace; a popular spot for joggers.

Sakura Cafe NIPPORI

Sakura Cafe Nippori is in Sendagi, Yanesena area. Offers local cuisine from around the world and over 60 international beers.

Sakura Cafe ASAKUSA

International atomosphere at spacious lounge with travelers from all over the world. This international cafe offers interesting drinks and dishes from around the world.

Sakura Hostel Asakusa has spacious lounge and two shared kitchens where you can enjoy cooking and eating with other guests. Shared kitchens available free for the guests.