About Sakura Cafe & Restaurants

Sakura cafe & restaurant is found at Sakura Hotels in Tokyo. Featuring international cuisines and varieties of beer from all over the world, Enjoy our unique global atmosphere. It is a good hanging out place to relax, eat and drink with your friends and have fun.
Open 24hours, Free Wi-Fi, breakfast at 4:30 in the morning for hotel guests.

About Tohoku bokujo

Hakkoda Mountain Range

In the vast site overlooking the Hakkoda mountain range in Aomori Prefecture, Tohoku Farm uses compost from the breeding of thoroughbreds, horses and chickens for vegetable cultivation, and produces not only safe and secure vegetables and eggs that are full of the goodness of the Tohoku region.
Sakura Cafe's special seasonal menu includes vegetables and herbs grown without the use of pesticides, chemical fertilizers or herbicides, eggs from home-grown corn-fed, flat-farmed chickens, natural wild vegetables and wild herbs.

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~ blessings of nature ~ Wild herbs from Tohoku bokujo

Chinese plantain growing wild in the Tohoku Bokujo

No pesticides or chemical fertilizers are used at Tohoku bokujo, where wildf herbs grow freely in each season. The wildf herbs are highly nutritious and have been used as a valuable medicinal herb since ancient times, and we want more people to enjoy them. Sakura Cafe offers a highly original menu of food, desserts and tea using wild herbs.

About wild herbs

World Traveler's Whimsical Cuisine

Mr. Sofiane, the Moroccan guest who cooked for us.

World traveler's whimsical cuisine of the month

The food from all over the world!
Enjoy the world cuisine as you travel.

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Sakura Cafe & Restaurant IKEBUKURO

Unique bistro cafe with a global atmosphere, more than 60 beers from worldwide.

Chickweed peperoncino


Chickweed omlet


Low bamboo jello

Low bamboo

Sakura Cafe HATAGAYA

A quiet, hidden, residential-area cafe found two stops from Shinjuku Station. Delicious cuisine from all over the world, Muslim Friendly menu is also available.

Japanese dock chiffon cake wildf herb tea

Japanese dock

Japanese dock gelato

Japanese dock

Japanese dock roll cake

Japanese dock

Sakura Cafe JIMBOCHO

An oasis in the middle of downtown, Surrounded by publishing companies and second hand book stores, this small cafe is located close to the Imperial Palace; a popular spot for joggers.

Dandelion chiffon cake


Mugwort wild herb tea


Sakura Cafe NIPPORI

Sakura Cafe Nippori is in Sendagi, Yanesena area. Offers local cuisine from around the world and over 60 international beers.

Japanese dock chiffon cake

Japanese dock

Green smoothie


Dandelion tea


Sakura Cafe ASAKUSA

An international cafe serving interesting drinks and food from around the world in a lounge that attracts travelers from all over the world.

Guests cooking in the Kitchen Yomoda at Sakura Cafe Asakusa

Guests enjoy sharing their food with each other in the lounge of Sakura Cafe Asakusa

Low bamboo chiffon cake

Low bamboo

What is YOMODA
"Carefree", "easy going" - Yomoda has many colorful meanings and though it might sound like something your mother would say, Yomoda is a word for friends.
Taken from Ehime prefecture's Matsuyama dialect, this is a word best described for anyone who consider themselves a 'bit of a joker' and likes to see the funny side of things.

To put it simply, Yomoda is all about people having a laugh altogether, letting go of their hatred, break the ice and really to get to know each other - and that is a nuance that you won't find anywhere else in Japan, so why dont you come join our events and make friends with each other among the locals and guests within the hostel !